"frequencies ll" / film [series]

our human body consists of approx. 70% water, our brain of 85-90%. in addition, the human body contains 14 kinds of different cell fluids. each frequency, which meets our body and our brain in wave form, creates resonances in the water of our body/system, „forms" it…

patterns are information transmitted by waves or frequencies, as everyone who has used w-lan or a mobile phone knows. what information moves through our space, with which we synchronize ourselves about the water in our body? in this work we try to understand what happens to our system as soon as it interacts with electric fields and frequencies by means of pattern formations that are revealed by the frequencies in the water.

the work examines the frequencies that our brain generates in the various states of consciousness that we (can) experience every day [there are also states that can only be reached through intense meditation. these frequencies include alpha waves, teta waves, beta waves, gamma waves.

which frequencies generate which patterns and what can we deduce from the patterns?

4hz theta waves – access to the subconscious.


are the waves of the subconscious. they occur especially in dreams [rem-sleep], in meditation, in summit experiences and during creative states. in theta area you will find our unconscious or suppressed spiritual parts, but also our creativity and spirituality. pictures from the theta area are often less colorful, sometimes bluish tinted, but usually give us a deeper feeling of personal meaning than the living, colorful pictures of the alpha waves. theta waves alone remain unconscious; only when alpha waves are added can we consciously perceive or remember their contents.

8hz alpha waves – relaxation.


occur in a relaxed, relaxed basic posture, during daydreaming and visualisation [whereby all sensory qualities are meant here; some people can, for example, "visualise" odour or tactile sensations much more intensively than inner images]. alpha waves are the gateway to meditation, they are necessary as a bridge so that information from theta area can reach our waking consciousness.

12hz alpha waves

16hz beta waves – awake state.


brainwaves of the normal waking consciousness, of outwardly directed attention, of logical, testing and conscious thinking. the high frequencies of the betaspectrum are especially observed with inner restlessness, fear, stress and when our inner commentator or critic is active. they differ from the low-frequency betawaves which make our thinking clear, awake, attentive and creative.

27hz beta waves – restless awake state.

32hz beta waves – restless awake state.

36hz beta waves



40hz gamma waves – unexplored.

were last discovered and are still the least explored. they are associated with peak performance, strong focus and concentration, high flow of information, mystical and transcendent experiences. at present, gamma waves in the frequency band around 40 Hz are being researched in connection with focused meditation. a special characteristic of this is the synchronisation of gamma waves over wide areas of the brain.


gamma waves are not easy to identify due to their low amplidude and cannot be displayed in full bandwidth on the mind mirror. they may show up as a frequency band at the upper edge of the measurement range at 38 Hz.

study 17.21 / 513hz gamma waves [unexplored]

pattern studies on the topic "human perception" / "frequencies ll" / film / 2017 – 2019

concept: 22quadrat / film: 9sekunden / scientific explanation: dr. matthias jacobi